kasko2go and MotionsCloud launch a forward-looking project to fully complete the digital insurance processes thanks to a holistic and automated AI-approach.

By Media Team

18th November 2020

kasko2go and MotionsCloud launch a forward-looking project to fully complete the digital insurance processes thanks to a holistic and automated AI-approach.

Zug – The InsurTech companies kasko2go and MotionsCloud have launched a joint and advanced AI-project to improve and round up further digital insurance processes to create a futuristic and fully end-to-end customer journey, which will be powered by an automated AI-solutions.

Based on the AI technologies of both partners, including kasko2go's data and insurance as well as MotionsCloud's automated damage assessment technology, the partnership can offer an improved end-to-end insurance process. More specifically, this means that underwriting, pre-inspection, customer retention, up- and cross-selling, claims management and claims settlement are streamlined and automated.

This new technological lead opens new interesting opportunities for insurance companies to create a new generation of insurance services and products for their customers.

This also should enable them to optimize their rather outdated processes towards InsurTech-standards in the future. In addition, they’ll also have the opportunity to create new customer experiences, which will meet the needs of the consumers of today and tomorrow.

Furthermore, kasko2go and MotionsCloud want to share their network in order to jointly offer their technologies, products, and services as unique bundles.

Genadi Man, CEO of kasko2go is happy about the new partnership: "I strongly believe that - thanks to our joint-venture - we are able to raise our efficiency level for the insurance market even more. We are in a new advantageous position, which gives us the ability to affect profitably further process areas. As already mentioned, our goal is to change the insurance landscape in a sustainable and positive way.”

LeX Tan, CEO of MotionsCloud adds: “We are very glad to partner with Genadi and his team at kasko2go. This is our first Swiss collaboration. I am super excited and positive about our partnership potential. Thanks to our new partnership I see a very prosperous future, as we share the same passion for high-sophisticated, truly innovative AI-solutions and customer-centric and scalable business models with a common vision to disrupt and enable the insurance market.”

About kasko2go AG

kasko2go is an innovative provider of insurance solutions that aims to promote a safe driving culture in society. Thanks to specially developed AI and telematic big data assessments with Pay-As-You-Drive and Pay-How-You-Drive models, kasko2go reduces insurance premiums by up to 50%. Since April 2019, kasko2go and its insurance partner, Dextra Versicherungen AG, have been offering a revolutionary car insurance app in Switzerland, which calculates the premium according to individual driving behaviour. As a next technological step kasko2go, with its israeli development team including top scientists, is the first company in Europe to pursue with his new product "Normal Sigma" the vision of an industry standard in insurance driver rating and to take the necessary steps to achieve this goal. The Zug-based company was founded in 2017.


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